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Loyal Dating - is there loyalty in the "talking" phase?

Your dating profile is getting some love. After clocking in many swipes you get some matches, then plough through some cringe ice-breakers and finally an engaging conversation arises. The questions are flowing nicely, they're clearly a real person, you pretty much like what you're seeing and hearing.

Should you stop pursuing other conversations and focus on giving this person your full attention? In order words, should you be loyal in the "talking phase" and put all your eggs in one basket?

Imagine this. You're in a bar and your eyes catch someone's attention. It's an instant physical attraction. They come over to say hello and you start chatting. It's going pretty well, you both seem engaged in the conversation. You ask them a question but suddenly they turn around and start chatting up someone else. Five minutes later they come back to you and answer your question. They ask you something but as you start talking they're off again to speak to another person. Then they come back again. And they're off again. You get the gist.

Online dating is not that different. It has become very, very unusual to give someone your full attention, in fact studies show that only 1 and 10 people* who use online dating platforms speak to one person at a time. If 90% of users are having multiple chats, chances are most people you're talking to, even those you really like, are pursuing other people at the same time.

Should you be offended if the person you like is chatting to others? It all depends on your intention. If you're using online dating apps for casual dating and flirting, then no, it pretty much comes with the territory. But if you're trying to meet "the one", this type of behaviour might leave a sour taste. So first thing first, decide what your end goal is.

If you're searching for love, the talking phase is the beginning of a beautiful friendship that could lead to more. Some people stay in the talking phase for weeks or months while others speed things up and meet up in real life to move things forward quicker. It's perfectly normal to feel an early emotional investment and a desire for commitment.

So what is loyal dating? Should there be loyalty in the "talking" phase?

If you're inclined towards answering yes, then here's how we can help. Loyal is a free dating app where loyalty is the main priority.

A good way to start showing your loyalty is giving someone your full attention. Sometimes you'll realise the other person isn't for you in less than 5 minutes and that's okay, you can move on to the next, no strings attached. There is however, a big chance you'll meet someone interesting you'll want to get to know properly, without any games or distractions. You'll both have the certainty neither is shopping around on Loyal, which can be an amazing foundation to a love story.


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