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Rewriting the Rules of Modern Dating

Updated: May 18

Loyal Dating App Screens

Ex-Badoo Innovator Launches Loyal, the Game-Changing Dating App Millennials Have Been Waiting For

London, England – Ivan Gadeschi, the product innovator behind Badoo, a cornerstone in the dating industry and the parent company of Bumble, is back for more with the launch of Loyal. Set to redefine millennial dating, Loyal brings back the essence of loyalty, aiming to fill the void left by current dating platforms.

Millennials, known for pioneering tech-savvy lifestyles, are experiencing a dating paradox. Despite spearheading social networking and the online dating surge, today's platforms fall short in helping them find true love. The market is saturated with dating services, but most focus on casual encounters—a phase many millennials have outgrown. The few platforms focusing on serious relationships often emanate a dated vibe reminiscent of traditional matchmaking agencies.

Enter Loyal. Ivan Gadeschi, Loyal's CEO and founder, comments, "They say you never forget your first love. Badoo and the dating industry were my first love. I witnessed the transformative power of online dating, connecting people globally. But that was in my 20s and since then I’ve seen many of my friends struggle to find love, unable to form serious relationships on dating apps and this got me wondering what’s missing. That’s how Loyal was born. It's a departure from traditional KPIs, prioritising a superior user experience."

Loyal is on a mission to guide millennials toward genuine, lasting love. Unlike the conventional approach of endless swiping and concurrent conversations, Loyal adopts a “no nonsense” strategy. Users engage in one conversation at a time, "freezing" the interaction until midnight, when the app resets. You can un-match earlier, but you won’t be able to speak to that person again.

Ivan emphasises, "We're cultivating loyal relationships, eliminating games and time-wasting. Nobody enjoys being left hanging or ghosted. In real life, you wouldn't jump between ten different romantic conversations at a bar. Yet, this is the norm on dating apps. It boils down to common sense and respect. If the spark isn't there, move on, but be honest about it."

Loyal+, the premium subscription package for modern dating is now available. Experience the future of dating by downloading the app at

About Loyal:

Loyal is not just a dating app; it's a commitment to reshaping how millennials navigate relationships. By redefining the dating experience, Loyal aspires to be the catalyst for genuine, lasting connections in the digital age.

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