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Dating with Trust

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Connect with people, properly

Swipe, match and get to really know someone by being loyal to your conversation. Chats will unfreeze at midnight and you'll be able to read your other messages. You will not be able to have multiple chats because loyalty is a good start. 

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Give love a real chance

If you really like the person you're chatting to your loyal days will keep going up. Once you feel confident and ready to start a relationship then give it a real go. We'll be happy to see you go.


Move forward or
move on

When you really connected with a person, you can continue to be loyal to that conversation and simply keep chatting. If things don't click, you can unmatch someone at any point and swipe to find someone else. 


key features

Safety matters most

We take your privacy and security seriously. LOYAL uses advanced encryption and security measures to keep your information safe and secure.

Join LOYAL today and start meeting people who share your values and interests.

download loyal on google play
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